We have seen quite a few mergers when it comes to our banking needs recently. Some have been successful and others have not really made their customers Happy. Here is one that is about to happen that sounds like a match made in heaven.

If you live in Borger there is no doubt you have already heard a bit about this latest merger. It involves bringing two like-minded entities together. The big talk has been about Borger Federal Credit Union merging with Santa Fe Credit Union.

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From Borger Federal Credit Union's Facebook page:

You may be wondering who Santa Fe FCU is and where they're from. The Panhandle & Santa Fe General Office Employees Federal Credit Union was formed in Amarillo in 1936. A group of railroad employees saw a need to serve their fellow railroaders during a time when financial services were desperately needed and hard to find.
There have been a lot of mergers over the years:
Through the next few decades, other like-minded credit unions merged together to form the Amarillo Santa Fe Federal Credit Union. As the railroad expanded and sent many employees to Albuquerque, the credit union searched for opportunities to expand in the area.
Borger and Amarillo have even a bigger connection now:
Santa Fe Federal Credit Union now serves many groups in the Amarillo area, including BNSF, J. Lee Milligan, and Amarillo Gear. They are headquartered in Amarillo and currently have 2 branches in Amarillo and one in Albuquerque. Throughout the years Santa Fe FCU has kept the same focus that we have at Borger FCU, to help members achieve their financial goals.
With Borger Federal Credit Union and Santa Fe Credit Union merging it does help get the Borger branch into Amarillo. Which is a good thing all the way around.
Here is to many years of great banking options in our area. These two credit unions becoming one is a great start.

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