When I was told there was a hidden Amarillo neighborhood I thought I was being told an Amarillo Urban Legend. I have been here nearly forty years and have never heard such a thing. Besides, how could this actually be a thing?

A hidden neighborhood? What does that even mean? Who would want to live in a neighborhood that was hidden anyway? The more I thought about it the more appealing it sounded. I mean you probably don't get as many solicitors. That is a win.

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All we were told is that it was located under a train track. There is one in and out. The neighborhood has a lot of dead ends. Oh, and there are a lot of private property signs to keep those that do find the area from just hanging around.

Where Do I Find This Secret Neighborhood?

It's called Walnut Hills and it has Tascosa Country Club Golf Course as a neighbor. To enter the neighborhood you have to find that area of the train track that you can go under. When I was told that I really thought I was being sent on some wild goose chase.

I thought someone was just messing with me. Oh, but it was there. The homes remind me of the Wolflin neighborhood. There are all kinds of homes. Some nice and some really nice.

I have been here as long as I have and I feel like I have accomplished something in finding the hidden neighborhood of Walnut Hills. When people ask about some of the weird things about our great city I have another thing to add to the list.

Sure we have the Cadillac Ranch, and sure we have those weird unfinished legs and the floating mesa but hey we also have a neighborhood that is hidden. I challenge you to find it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

See if you can use the photos below and find it for yourself. Good Luck.

Walnut Hill

Hidden Amarillo Neighborhood

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