Amarillo has been all over the Internet thanks to the mysterious image released by the zoo of a creature skulking along the fence. It has been memed and has been featured in the news across the U.S.

Now, a company wants to donate cameras to the zoo. I say thanks, but keep them.

Here's why.

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The Added Security Will Be Nice

Sure. More cameras means more opportunities to keep the animals, the employees, and the public safe. More angles might have even given us a better picture of whatever the heck that thing was that was caught on camera.

These Cameras From Wyze Are No Joke

According to a press release from the City released today, the company doing the donating is named Wyze.

The cameras have color night vision. They have super clear hi-def picture. They're iP65-rated for indoor and outdoor use.

These cameras are really going to help out the zoo.

Why I Say Thanks, But Keep The Cameras

Yes, the cameras are incredibly fancy with all of their hi-tech gadgetry. Yes, they will improve safety at the zoo. Yes, it is incredibly generous of Wyze and the entire city of Amarillo thanks them for the donation.

However, if it was for the poor quality of the grainy black and white video how would we ever have had such an amazing viral moment?

If it wasn't for the blurry image, this somewhat hilarious mystery wouldn't exist. If we had fancy schmancy cameras, we would all know that it was someone's kid dressed up in a furry outfit trying to make their way home after spending the night dancing to techno-goth music.

Since we don't have spectacular security cameras, we're left wondering if it really was some neighbor's kid, or if there's a mange ridden werewolf prancing through Thompson Park.

Are we really going to trade meme greatness for better security at the zoo?

You bet we are, and it's much appreciated.

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