I remember when I was growing up. When my parents wanted to go out Christmas shopping I only had a few options. I could stay home alone with my sister. I could head over to a friend's house and hope they were doing something fun. Or I had to head over to my aunt's house.

That was basically it. I sure couldn't go with them. They knew I would try to figure out everything I was getting. They needed to shop, get home and wrap. Otherwise, I would wind up on Santa's naughty list for sure.

There were never any really cool camps I could go to instead.  At least I don't remember that ever being a choice. To say that the kiddos have it made these days really isn't far from being the truth.

I mean they have so many options. They can even hang out with animals. I mean real animals at the zoo.

Really? Where Was This Option When I was growing up?

Parents can have a four-hour window to get some shopping done. Plus the kids won't be bored out of their minds.

For only twenty dollars you know your child is out of trouble. You also know they are learning. They might now like to know that but they are. You can get some shopping done without countless phone calls about how bored they are.

In fact, your kiddos will probably be more upset when you pick them up than when you drop them off. Those few hours will just fly by. Even if you already have your shopping done you may just sign them up so you and your friends can go have a peaceful lunch before the last week of craziness begins.

They will learn about migration and hibernation. I mean this is the time for that. The cold weather brings on both so the Amarillo Zoo will make sure your kiddos know all about it. So get your kids signed up HERE. Don't even give them a chance to even think about getting bored or winding up on Sana's naughty list.

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