So when I moved to Texas 8 years ago, I had the age old perception a lot of people do.

There are going to be cowboy hats EVERYWHERE!

Now here's the thing, I admittedly stereotyped what Texans were going to be like. I'm sorry, I didn't mean just kinda happened. I thought I was going to be walking into a world of cowboys acting like it was the Wild West still. I mean come on, "Don't Mess With Texas" is all I had ever heard. What would YOU expect as an outsider?

Once I got here though, I was rather taken aback at just how wrong I was. Now granted, I was living in Austin. "Keep Austin Weird" was the next thing I started to hear and pick up on. It was. I loved it for that. What I didn't understand though was people wearing cowboy hats there. In fact, that goes for a LOT of places in Texas.

As I started to make my way around to all the major cities for events (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), I continued to notice there was NOTHING country or Wild West worthy in Texas. So why exactly are people rocking these cowboy hats?

I'm a baseball hat guy, have been since I was 2. I used to go to sleep wearing my baseball hat. So I'm admittedly biased in my opinion here, but hear me out.

It feels to me all the cities in Texas (at least the ones I've been too) are extremely modernized, nothing country about them. There's areas that have ranches, and yes, the people out on those ranches are 100% fit to be wearing cowboy hats.

If you live directly in the city though, have a corporate type of job and drive a modern car or tricked out truck, you shouldn't be wearing a cowboy hat. Just my opinion.

I get the same could be said for someone like me, "you don't play for the team, so why are you wearing the team issued cap?". You're right, I don't play for the team...I just support them. It's different in my eyes. Are you supporting your neighborhood cowboy? I digress.

Now that I'm here in Amarillo, I still see the cowboy hats. However, I feel there are FAR more areas in and around Amarillo that makes it more acceptable to be wearing one. The culture feels different here than it does in an Austin or Dallas. With that in mind, I ask you...cowboy hat or baseball hat? Which one wins here in Amarillo?

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