An Amarillo man stabbed a dog at John Stiff Park after pretending to play with it as the owner watched.

A woman took her dogs to the park to let them play and get some exercise on Monday, January 11th. Unfortunately, her pleasant day turned gruesome when her dog was stabbed by a stranger.

The woman said she saw a man walk up to her Boston terrier and bend down as if he were petting the dog. Since the dogs were off their leashes, she didn't want to be rude, so she turned to get the dog's leash. That's when she heard these chilling words:

Get your dog away from me or I will kill it.

Then he walked away.

The woman approached her dog and realized that it had been stabbed in the side. She quickly called for help. Police were able to locate Joseph Anthony Gonzales and arrest him for cruelty to animals.

The Boston terrier was taken to the vet and will make a full recovery. It's unclear what Gonzales's motives were behind hurting the dog.

Always keep an eye on your dogs at the park and be wary of strangers.

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