Welcome to the first episode of 'It's News to Us'. It's a fake/humorous news broadcast about the things that we think might matter to you in Amarillo.

Yeah, we know this first episode was a little rough, but hey, it's still funny. This is a collaboration of all five of our local Townsquare Media stations. It stars James G (The Voice Of Amarillo), Angel Dee (Kiss FM 96.9), Lori Crofford (Mix 94.1), Tommy The Hacker (Kiss FM 96.9), and Cadillac Cruz (Blake FM 101.9).

Here's the fun part. If you think of a topic you'd like to see on an episode of 'It's News to Us", just let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to weave it into our next broadcast.

And if you see us out filming an episode, please feel free to video bomb us.

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