As a kid I remember loving to catch caterpillars to play with. I knew from school that they would at some point change into a beautiful butterfly. It's funny how overall we hate the idea of bugs but it's ok if that bug happens to be a caterpillar or a butterfly.

They are beautiful. So we don't freak out about them and shoo them out of our homes as fast. Oh, but those moths. We can't escape them fast enough. Or any other bug. There is just something about a butterfly. We love them.

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash
Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

So much that we have events to celebrate them. As well we should. In fact the Amarillo Botanical Gardens has a whole day to celebrate the beauty of the butterflies. It's their A Day With Butterflies event coming up.

It's coming up this Saturday, September 9th, at The Amarillo Botanical Gardens. You will be able to get up close and personal with a lot of beautiful butterflies. They will also have a lot of vendors so you can get some shopping done too.

I am sure you will find something you just have to bring home with you. Oh, and come hungry because there will be plenty of food too. There will be food trucks to make sure you don't leave hungry. You can enjoy Hibachi from Hibachi Kingdom. Try a delicious burger from Dillo Burger Bus. If you just need a snack then Canyon Popcorn Co. will have your back.

So take the family out to enjoy the butterflies out at The Amarillo Botanical Gardens on Saturday. There will be food, shopping and butterflies. What could be better?

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Amarillo Botanical Garden's Christmas in The Garden

Christmas time something magical happens at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, over a million lights decorate the grounds of this majestic place.

Every year they open the gates over the holidays and thousands of people come through to see this magical holiday world.

If you have never experienced the Amarillo Botanical Gardens' Christmas in the Gardens, you are missing a magical Christmas experience complete with Santa Claus.

We'll give you a sneak peek and a tour of Christmas in the Gardens.

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