When I lived in Austin, one of the biggest draws to the city was not only the number of food trucks but their incredible quality. So many residents swore up and down that they were better than most restaurants, and Austin has some pretty excellent restaurants.

It wasn't uncommon when asked where you were going for dinner and someone mentioned the name of a food truck. I mean, we did it numerous times. You didn't get looked at funny in Austin, but just about anywhere else you would.

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I've noticed lately that Amarillo is starting to pop up a bunch of food trucks around the city, and I'm here for it. When we first moved to Amarillo, food trucks only seemed to pop up at events and not have a permanent home to post up at when they weren't somewhere.

Sure, there were a few here and there that had a home, but aside from those, they were few and far between. Over time, you started to see more and more popping up. So much so that Route 66 started a huge food truck park.

Now food trucks are being found everywhere in the city, with some of your favorites and some off-the-wall types of food you can't get in a restaurant. So with that, here are a few that seem to catch quite a few mentions as the best of the best.


I saw this one pop up several times when someone was asking for recommendations. They have a permanent home at 1620 I-40 E. Looking at some of the pictures I was able to find on Google, they have some great-looking dishes that combine chicken in rice in various different ways, and it looks amazingly good. I'm putting it on my list to try out.


One of the more popular food items mentioned was tacos. There were several different taco trucks that got a nod for the best, but the one that received the most was Tacos Nayarit. It's not just the tacos at this food truck. If you're looking for some authentic Mexican cuisine, this truck is a must-stop. I saw some pictures of pozole they made on their Facebook page and my mouth literally started to water. You can see their Facebook page here.


If it's a good burger you're craving, it looks like Tank's is the way to go. Looking at the pictures on their Facebook page, it appears they knock out some good-looking hand-crafted smash burgers. The cheese is nice and melty, to the point where it's dripping onto your fries, and that's the kind of burger I'm in for. They post their location schedule weekly on their Facebook, so check it out.

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The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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