Coming up on September 7, you are invited to help Smokey Bear celebrate his 75th birthday in Amarillo. The party will be for all ages, and starts at 12pm. It will be held at Thompson Park.

For 75 years, Smokey has been reminding us all that "Only you, can prevent forest fires." I can hear that iconic voice as I type the words. Five bucks says you read it in his voice.

The Amarillo Fire Department and other agencies want you to come out and celebrate those 75 years. According to the Facebook event page for Smokey's birthday party in Yellow City, there will be "games, snacks & refreshments, live music, fire trucks, police vehicles, ambulances and much more."

Smokey has changed a lot over the years. He even has his own YouTube channel. For being 75, he sure does have a knack for keeping up with the times.


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