When you think of small-town family fun you probably think immediately of Canyon. They know how to put on a great time. I mean you can't get bigger than their Fourth of July Celebration. They just know how to put on a good time.

So you have to just know that if you are looking for something to do this fall Canyon would have a fun time planned for you. Their Autumn Street Fest is going to be a great day of family fun. Oh, and it is happening the first weekend after the official start of autumn.

You will be able to get your pick of all of the fresh fruits and veggies. Nothing is better than knowing where your produce is coming from. Plus you know it is fresh. It's the best way to support local and feel good about what you are feeding your family.

Can't have an event these days without food trucks. What did we do before their greatness? There will definitely be plenty of food to make sure your family doesn't leave hungry.

We don't want to forget about furry friends. Canyon sure won't let us leave them at home. There will be a chance to show them off in the pet parade. All that cuteness in one place. How can you not smile?

Since it is pumpkin season we can't leave our orange friends out. I mean you can start autumn off the best way by picking out your favorite to bring home. I won't tell if you decide you want to go ahead and carve one and eat those pumpkin seeds. No judgment here. In fact, I will applaud you.

Nothing screams more fall fun than that.

credit: Canyon Main Street
credit: Canyon Main Street

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