If you have been following on social media you would have noticed that Pizza Planet on Paramount has been closed for quite some time. They had electrical issues that contributed to the closing.

Electrical issues are one of those things that you can't sit on. Nope, you have to get those fixed.

It started off around September 20th. At first, it was thought they may be closed for just a day. Then it stretched through the weekend. Well, then we just had to follow along to see when and if they were going to be able to open up.

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Then it went on to be about three weeks. We were missing our pizza and chef salads. We really were. I had a friend who was calling nearly every single day to see if anyone would pick up. He just wanted to see if they were open.

It even took a successful plea on Facebook to get them back open. After a post about waiting for an inspection to give them the okay to open back up the public jumped in to help. They started tagging city officials to jump in and help. Hopefully, the process will be able to be sped up just a bit.

Were Our Voices Heard?

Yes, because that is exactly what City Council Member, Josh Craft did. He thanked the public for letting him know the situation and guess what? Now they are open again. Hurray, Pizza Planet on Paramount is ready to serve us again.

They got to post and let us all know.

They are back to having their buffet on Monday and Tuesday from 11 am until 1:30 pm. So this is good news. Pizza is back on Paramount. Amarillo can sit back and feel proud that they helped a bit in the process.

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