So we tend to notice when some of our favorite places around Amarillo are gone. Some places close with no intention of ever opening again. Some of our beloved places run into an issue and the doors have to close.

That has been the issue for a few places around town. I had noticed recently that Subway on Georgia was closed. There are a few other locations around town. So that is good. Popeye's on Paramount was temporarily closed as well. Another ouch. Oh, and another one that is still closed. What is going on?

I started following another place in Amarillo that have had to shut its doors a while ago. They have at least kept us up to date on their Facebook page. This time it's Pizza Planet on Paramount that has taken the hit.

You know that place that has those huge Chef Salads? I mean those are bigger than your face. Seriously they are so good. The pizza? Yes, please. So having their doors closed has been hard on a lot of people. So I keep checking their page for some good news.

Their issue is not due to staffing. They are not having issues with flooding in the store. This time. Remember they are in that location that was flooded earlier this summer. The Paramount and Olsen area took a huge hit. So to see them have to close again so soon does hurt.

They are having electrical issues according to their Facebook page. Could that be related to the flooding earlier this summer? I mean it is not totally a crazy idea. That whole street was under water. The Popeye's that is closed is just across the street.

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So it's not totally crazy. This luckily is not the only Pizza Planet in town. I feel, though, that the one on Paramount seems to get all of the love. I get it. Location is important. Just know there is another one on Bell Street that can help you out in this time of need.

Or you can do what I am doing. Secretly stalking Pizza Planet on Paramounts Facebook page. I mean they will let us know when they are open again. Hopefully, it will be soon.

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