When was the last time you left Amarillo for a vacation? Do you ever notice while you are gone how other cities do things? One thing about visiting other places is you may notice how they do a lot more walking.

I don't know why Amarillo doesn't. We jump in our car for everything even when something is in walking distance. Why is Amarillo not like that? A buddy and I do training walks every summer and we do a lot of walking around Amarillo. We notice places that don't have sidewalks. We also notice places that have sidewalks that could use a little TLC.

So a project like the one the City of Amarillo is hosting is just perfect. They want our input. They want to know areas that could use some help. Which areas need better sidewalks? Which areas just need some sidewalks?

That is not all that they want our help with. Have you noticed areas that could use a bike lane? Maybe you like to go out for a ride but you get to one area that you just can't navigate because of the traffic. A bike lane would help so much. Now is your chance to get that out there.

Our city may also have areas that can use a crosswalk. A busy street that would benefit a lot of us by giving us a safe way to cross the street. How about lighting? Are you out at night and realize that extra lighting could really help? All of this is part of the project from the City of Amarillo.

You have until the end of July to get on the interactive map and let the city know just what areas need work. Use this time to get those much-needed improvements done. The city is looking for your help.

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