One of the more fun things to do on the internet is just do random searches on YouTube to see what comes up. So yesterday, I decided to search "Amarillo" on YouTube. Mainly because I'm still so new to the city, I was hoping I could find some videos on things to do, cool places to go, etc.

Well, that idea came to a crashing halt as the results started to populate. So much for finding things to do and places to go. However, I was a little surprised as to what came up from that search. Here's the top 3 videos that popped up when I searched for it.

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Well I suppose I didn't account for the fact that Amarillo in Spanish means....yellow. The first thing that pops up is a music video from popular Latin artist J. Balvin. I can't personally understand a word he's saying since I didn't learn Spanish (I tried in high school, foreign language apparently isn't my thing), but hey, it's a catchy little tune nonetheless. This song is also the 2nd video in my search, but it's the lyric video, so we're gonna lump them together.


I'll be honest, this is the thing I expected to pop up first. It's only one of the most popular songs in country music, and the thing most people first think of when they hear the word Amarillo. Just ask my wife, it was the first thing she said when I mentioned to her there may be a job for me in Amarillo. This song pops up 3 times in a row in the search, so like the above, we'll just put them all together.


Noticing a theme here? Everything that seems to pop up when you search just Amarillo are music videos or songs. Here's another one from music superstar Shakira in which she's not actually singing about our fair city, but about the translated meaning of yellow. But hey, it's Shakira so I'm not mad at it.

So in my little experiment, I found you can't just search "Amarillo" if you want to find out anything about the city. Now, if you search "Amarillo city" instead, you'll get completely different results...but that's for another day.

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