It's the one thing we all do as the new year hits, and that's make our new year's resolution. For many, it involves being healthier or completing some kind of project they've thought about. Well, it shouldn't be limited to us as individuals as Amarillo could stand to make some resolutions of their own.

It seems a bit silly to think an entire city should have a resolution, but they should, each and every one of them. So the question is, what should Amarillo's be? Let's look at a few options.

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This one would seem most obvious wouldn't it? I have noticed street sweepers have been out and about lately, but in the 2 1/2 years I've lived here, I think that's maybe the second time I've seen them out. We could stand to see them hitting the streets a bit more often.

One thing that would help clean it up is beautifying the city a bit more. Those older buildings could use a makeover, and certain areas of the city could just use a little attention. If we repainted some of the older businesses around town, it would make the city look a lot younger and more inviting.


It doesn't seem that we have a shortage of new businesses opening in Amarillo. The issue is that we seem to be getting the same exact options over and over. Coffee shops, fast food restaurants, convenience stores. This was the theme of 2023.

2024 is getting off to a better start with the introduction of Home Goods to the city. Maybe we can follow that up with that Costco or H-E-B everyone is clamoring for? I'd be thrilled if we just brought back Long John Silvers truthfully.


This would be a big one. I swear I-27 has been undergoing construction since I moved here over two years ago. Maybe it's time we double down on some of these projects and get them knocked out. Then again, maybe we shouldn't take on multiple big projects at the same time.

Let's not forget the Hollywood Rd. project that is still going on. That one seems to be moving a bit faster than the I-27 project, but maybe it's because there's too many resources being used to finish that one and leaving I-27 alone? I know there is a timeline for all these projects to be done, I'm just getting impatient.

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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