Easter is this Sunday, and hopefully you've come up with some plans to celebrate. Religious or not, an egg hunt around the house in pajamas sounds like a nice break from reality.

Set aside some time at 1PM. The Mayor is asking that any building with a bell tower ring their bells in unison as a sign of "solidarity, hope, and celebration."

What if you're not a building with a bell tower? The Mayor suggests citizens use noisemakers or honk their car horns to join in.

Sunday, we could make a lot of noise. After attending services online, if you're religious, honk your car horn or use a noise maker at 1PM. I've got a bullhorn my neighbors are just going to love.

Then at 8PM, be sure to step out into your yard for the nightly howl. It was a little weird with the sun still pretty much up yesterday, but it was still a good time.

While howling and ringing bells won't fix a lot of things, these simple acts are pretty good ways to connect with people while we're "all in."

I spoke recently about how the isolation is tough. Even when you're out and about, you can't help but feel isolated. I went to Walmart and everyone was doing their best to avoid each other.

Things like ringing bells and howling gives us a much needed sense of community, versus the overwhelming feeling that we're all cut off from each other and are practically alone.

Be kind. Be safe. We're all in this together. The only way we get through it is together.

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