It's summer so we know it is going to be hot. We know it is going to take a bit more to keep your home a little cooler. When it is over one hundred degrees it is going to take a lot. When that happens we start hearing the grumbling.

You know what I am talking about. The electric bills start rolling in. You know when it happens because it's like people are shocked that their electric bill went up. I mean they are trying to keep their homes set at the arctic temperatures they like. Their air conditioning is running non-stop.

Of course, their bill is going to go up. Sometimes you hear of an ungodly amount. I would have a heart attack if my electric bill was ever over three hundred dollars. Nope, I just wouldn't survive that kind of shock. Oh, but I hear of others regularly getting bills like that and even higher.

Xcel Energy regularly gets the brunt of all the anger. I get it. The bills can be ridiculous but what do you expect when it is so hot? I mean you have to do something at your home to try to fix the issue.

It can be as easy as keeping your thermostat a couple of degrees higher. Something that maybe you won't notice as much in the house but the change in your bill will be seen. Or as Xcel recommends turning it up a bit more when you are not home. I know it takes some effort but it is doable.

Just a little bit of change can really make a difference.

So do your part. Turn that thermostat up. Go ahead and do a little bit to save your sanity when that next bill comes in. I promise you it will be worth it.

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