I've asked around. I've Google searched until my fingers bled. Why isn't there any performances or screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show for, or around, Halloween?

I guess it's no surprise, really, that this is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. Last year I crashed Boo Ball at Bodegas dressed in homage to Frankie.

Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo
Credit: Shannon Lewis TSM Amarillo

I've been to a stage production, and a couple of screenings. They're a blast. I've even resorted to hosting them at my house in years past.

With all of the theaters in town, and with all of the available stages, we could easily have a Rocky Horror themed Halloween celebration. Plus, Amarillo is a place that is absolutely packed with all kinds of talent if putting on a stage show is the route we wanted to take.

If you've never sat in a packed theater singing along, yelling at Brad and Janet, and covering your head with a newspaper...you're missing out.

If I'm wrong, and there is a screening of RHPS to be had in Yellow City, then please tell me. I'll even apologize for my ignorance and update this with the more accurate information.

Until then, I'm reminded of the timeless words spoken by Dr. Frank N. Furter:

It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache!


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