In my never ending quest to find ways for us all to keep ourselves and our kids busy I have stumbled upon free karate lessons.

The website is offering free access during the Covid-19 crisis. Before you make jokes, learning at home is how Daniel Larusso started out.

As with anything online, do go forward with some caution. Be sure to read everything and know exactly what is being asked of you and your credit card.

Staying active is a huge part of getting through "shelter in place." Psychologically and physically, getting in some type of physical activity is important for your well being.

I don't think you'll be ready to win the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament with a crane kick by doing this, but it will keep you preoccupied in your downtime.

I wonder if sweeping the leg is considered an advanced technique or something you learn early on. (That's the last Karate Kid reference, I promise.)

The website also points out that they do "total body drills" to help you stay in shape.

There have been a lot of articles published recently about staying active, working out, and keeping a daily routine while at home. Shower, shave, make the bed, keep up a daily routine, and work out.

If doing push-ups and sit-ups aren't your style, this might be something worth checking out.



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