How long have you been driving? Are you a rule follower or breaker? Or are you one that just wants to push the envelope enough but live in fear of getting a ticket. Not enough that you don't test out the speed limit.

I mean getting a ticket in Texas is pretty expensive. I mean a couple of hundred dollars. Not that I have ever received one. Or two. Maybe three in my lifetime. OK, I am not really a rule breaker but from time to time I do get a reminder to keep my foot off of the pedal.

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That little car of mine can push it. Sometimes I look down and woah I can't believe I am going that fast. I try to be good. I do. I also like to try to beat the time expected on my GPS. I am on my way to Dallas and they say I should be there by 3:15 pm. I feel very empowered if I make it there by 3 pm. I really do.

So the question has to be asked.

How fast is too fast? Can You Legally Go 10 MPH Over the Speed Limit?

The short answer is no. I mean even going one mile over the speed limit can get you pulled over. Can end up getting an expensive lesson there. I mean look at our speed limits. Most highways can range from 60 mph up to 75 mph in some places.

I know when you are travelling to a destination and you get on those long stretches of roads you will see so many cars. A lot of them are trying to push that envelope. A lot of people believe as long as you stay with the flow of traffic you will be ok.

You may be. It depends on how lucky you feel. When I get to Dallas and sometimes even on I40 in Amarillo I get tested. The sign may say one thing but the drivers are doing another. You may already be going five miles over and you feel everyone if flying right by you.

Let them. They will have the better chance of catching the officers eye. I just want to not be noticed when I am on the road. I will not confirm or deny that on those long stretches of road I set my cruise control five miles over the speed limit. Some day that might burn me.

It hasn't yet. I think that is because most people are amazed that my little hamster wheel car can actually go so fast. I know that at some point my luck will run out. I, am a rule follower for the most part. I don't want to have to take defensive driving.

Just remember that no matter what you hear going the speed limit is the best and only legal way to go in the state of Texas.

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