Sometimes, you never know who you'll come across when you start a new job. You might even meet your prince charming! TikTok user @kristyylove shared a cute video about how her job at Whataburger led to finding the love of her life, and it might make you take a second look at the guy over there at the fry station. He just might be the one!

I mean, really, he's already working at the best fast-food joint in Texas. He's definitely got good taste, I'm just saying...

Anyway, this calls for a round of BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwiches, Patty Melts, and extra spicy ketchup for all!

Check out her sweet little love story below:

If that doesn't just warm your heart!

The comments on the video ranged from super adorable to hilarious. Here are a couple of my favorites:

"A Whataburger love story."

"My ex is a sign to never date a co-worker"

"It happens, been with mine and now happily married with a 1-year-old and a baby on the way."

"Now my husband doesn't trust me to go to work because he thinks ima leave him for my coworker..."


If you've been feeling down and out in the love department, or in the work department, maybe it's time to take your chances and get a job at Whataburger. What's the worst that can happen? Gain a couple of pounds from slamming too many milkshakes? Or maybe, just maybe, you'll bond with the man of your dreams while restocking the ketchup dispenser. You just never know.

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