With Texas being such a big state, I believe we all assume that we have at least one of everything SOMEWHERE in the state right?

Well, at least I believe we have one of everything in the state. Maybe something is tucked off in a deep, dark corner of the state and we don't known about it.

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So imagine my surprise when I saw this little nugget of news, and to find out that Amarillo was the place that was going to be the home of it.

Texas A&M University recently announced that their Board of Regents approved a land deal here that is going to help build the only state hospital for inpatient mental health care in Texas.

They're going to be leasing a 10-acre tract of land at 6610 W. Amarillo Blvd. that the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory used to occupy before they moved to their current location.

With how much mental health has become a focus over the last 4-5 years, really since COVID tested all of us, this is something that is long overdue, and needed. Mental health is a real thing, and we all deal with it at times.

Unfortunately, some can't get away from their mental health struggles, and without proper help and care, it can send them down a road where there's no coming back from. The state and leaders have recognized this along with Texas A&M.

TVMDL has been generous enough in the project to lease the land at just $1 per year as they recognize the need for it in the state.

It will be a 75-bed hospital that will break ground this summer and be able to start admitting patients in Fall of 2027.

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