I'll start by saying I don't eat fast food a ton. It's usually there for me when I need some quick food before or after something like baseball, or if I'm in the middle of the work day and need a quick bite during a busy day.

Yesterday (Sunday) was one of those days. I was out running a couple of errands and realized I hadn't eaten anything yet for the day. It was 2 pm so I'm thinking it shouldn't be too busy.

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First off, I was wrong about the busy thing. The first place I went to was slammed, but I'll get to that in just a minute.

What I experienced trying to find a quick bite to eat was surprising, and quite honestly shocking and appalling. I'm convinced that people that do work at a fast food restaurant have no interest in being there, and I'm also convinced people would rather be jobless before working at one of these establishments.

In the interest of protecting the people working there, and not working there, I'll keep the exact locations of these restaurants out of the story, but I will mention the names of restaurants I went to.

It all started at a Burger King. I just wanted to grab a couple of cheeseburgers to hold me over until dinner. I pull into the drive-thru and it was surprisingly busy for 2 pm. I figure no worries, it'll just take a couple of minutes, right?

Wrong. I sat in that line for five minutes...and didn't move an inch. That's when I decided to back out of the line and just go inside. I figure I'll be able to order faster that way. That was apparently mistake number two.

I stood at the counter for another five minutes, was looked at by several different employees who never acknowledged I was even standing there. I finally ask what I have to do to order food. That was when I was rudely responded to about "we'll get to you when we can". Look, I get it's busy, but you can at least acknowledge that I'm standing there.

No thanks, I'm not waiting any longer, so I take off. I'll just stop somewhere else and grab something. Ah look, a Dairy Queen. They've got food, I'll stop there.

I head inside and start looking at the menu. Not a person in sight yet. I decide on what I want and head to the counter. Waiting...waiting...waiting. After three minutes, I grew impatient and left there.

Fine, there's a Subway right here, I'll just get a sandwich. I pull in the parking lot, get out, open the door. Wait, the door isn't opening, let me try the other one. Nope, it's locked too. I check the posted hours on the door. It read, "Sunday 9a-9p". Apparently not on this Sunday. You mean to tell me you can't find enough people to come in and work on a Sunday?

Now I'm really irritated, and even hungrier now. This isn't a good combo. I start driving down the road and settle in on Taco Bell. Oh look, they're open, only two cars in the drive-thru, this HAS to work, right?

It does, and I'm finally satisfied, 30+ minutes later. Moral of the story here? Fast food in Amarillo sucks. No one wants to work at any of the establishments, and the ones there could care less about anything other than their paycheck it seems. Guess I'm going to have to find a different way to satisfy my hunger, maybe with a Snickers.

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