We have a lot of fabulous places to eat here in Amarillo. Sometimes when you get up on the weekend you might not be in as big of a hurry as you are during the week. You want a day or two to enjoy life.

Oh, but you still have to eat. That is why I think brunch was invented. A meal that was not as early necessarily as you get up during the week. You can have the best of both worlds. Sleep in a bit and still get a great meal.

I am all for getting extra rest if I can. Get some work done at the house and then head out for brunch. Heck, a good drink is a plus too. Most places have mimosas or a bloody mary. I mean if you can throw tomato or orange juice in a drink it is just a win. Some even have a menu with brunch drinks to make your get-together even better.


A lot of restaurants have breakfast. A lot of places have lunch. A lot of businesses say that they serve brunch when they only have breakfast menus all day. Which is fine. I love the fact that Calico County, Youngbloods, and Ye Olde Pancake Station serve breakfast like that. For this project, I was just searching for places that have a separate brunch menu.

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