A woman says she will shave her legs when her boyfriend does the same after he basically called her "dirty."

On Reddit, a 28-year-old woman who claims she has never shaved her legs "in her life" shared that she told her boyfriend she will shave her legs when he shaves his.

"I know this post sounds super petty, but this is the most ridiculous fight I've had with my boyfriend," the woman wrote in a since-deleted Reddit post.

"I think it's up to the person regardless, but I've also just never really had a lot of hair. My boyfriend recently stayed over and asked to borrow a razor. Since I don't shave, I didn't have one on hand, and apparently that grossed him out," she explained.

"He told me that it was unhygienic to not shave and we argued back and forth about the issue when I finally told him that I'd only start shaving my legs if he shaved his first," the woman added.

Her boyfriend called her "immature and petty," but she believed he was "being super fixated on this weird thing."

"It honestly wouldn't really bother me to shave, but I'm just more irked at his statements where he basically called me dirty. I was serious though: I'll shave whenever he shaves too," she continued.

Now, the pair are "at an impasse," and she's wondering if she is "being a little too petty about the whole thing."

In the comments section, many Reddit readers backed the woman's decision to choose what she does with her own body hair.

However, others were baffled that the boyfriend hadn't noticed she never shaved until now.

"You are the petty the world needs. You don't shave your legs…and he just noticed?" one person wrote.

"I'm curious how it can be considered dirty when it's just leg hair. And especially compared that men are usually much more hairy," another commented.

"Do male leg hairs not collect the exact same amount of 'dirt'? The hygiene argument has always struck me as utterly weird," someone else commented.

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