It's bound to be one of the most hotly contested elections we've seen in quite some time here in Amarillo, the race for Mayor.

With our current Mayor, Ginger Nelson, announcing that she wouldn't seek re-election, it opens the door for a new voice and leader for our city. The question is, who is going to step up?

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Back on January 19, we highlighted the two people that had officially announced their candidacy by filing all the necessary paperwork. Yes, it's more than just SAYING you're running for Mayor.

The deadline is quickly approaching in about a week or so to officially file, and we now have our third official candidate.

Meet Jeff McGunegle. Jeff is a former teacher for Amarillo ISD and says he is now a life/consciousness coach. He acted as a substitute teacher in Amarillo ISD for a little over a year then became a Special Education Assistant for Lawndale Elementary in 2021 where he remained for about six months.

Every mayoral candidate has a "platform" that they run on, basically how they'd attack their job if they were elected. McGunegle says he wants to change the "standard of mediocrity" within the city.

So what does he mean by that? McGunegle says in a YouTube video announcing his candidacy, "We have to wake up to the mediocrity, determine what is making this city that way, then raise the standards through wisdom and effort," almost implying that as a city, we've become ok with just being, well, ok.

Check out the video below and see what he has to say. Right now, he's only one of three that are officially going to be on the ballot, so it's never too early to start getting a feel for what these candidates have in store for Amarillo.

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