Yesterday news came out that TEA had released guidance for the upcoming school year. As a parent I couldn't wait to dig in and see what to expect. It was a little overwhelming.

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Masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks, social distancing, and everything else we've become familiar with over the past several months was covered.

There are several guidelines laid out for teachers and staff when it comes to checking themselves regularly for symptoms, and how to handle when a positive case is discovered.

That includes guidelines on how to handle an instance when a student tests positive.


Yeah, masks are going to be a part of the school year. TEA is saying school's must follow the Governor's order; which means that if you live in a county with more than 20 cases, then masks are required.

There are exceptions for certain activities, like sports, where the mask is required when entering the facility, and then it can be removed.

The Governor's mandate did exempt anyone under the age of 10, but it remains to be seen if young elementary students will be required to wear a mask.

Hand Sanitizer/Hand Washing

TEA suggests students wash their hands twice a day, and for schools to educate students on proper hand washing techniques. They also recommend schools have hand sanitizer stations at all entrances, and in classrooms.

They also recommend having it on school buses. TEA does suggest that parents not use school buses if possible.

Social Distancing

TEA suggest that students be separated at least six feet apart, when possible. They also recommend students gathering outside when possible.

Virtual Learning

The spring semester was insane with everyone from administrators to students trying to figure out learning online while "on the job." In recent updates from area schools, it has been made clear that the requirements and expectations placed on virtual learning will be higher than in the spring.

TEA has stated that schools will offer the option for virtual learning, and if your child's school doesn't offer it, they can enroll in a different school.


The expectations and requirements regarding attendance will be the same as usual. That also includes children doing virtual learning.

The entire document is nine pages long. It answers some questions, while leaving some things to local school districts to handle. Keep watching for updates from your child's school regarding the upcoming school year. That's going to be your best source of info.

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