In case anyone hasn't told you yet, happy National French Fry Day. Oh, you've never heard of National French Fry Day? Don't worry, it's not on your office calendar and it doesn't have greeting cards.

Some places are offering up free french fries on this definitely not made-up holiday. I don't care if it's a federally recognized holiday or not. Free fries are free fries.

Be sure to check your favorite fast food restaurant's app for deals on fries. McD's, Burger King, KFC, and several more places have specials going on fries.

A Short History Of The Fries

The french fry has a somewhat interesting history. In 1802 Thomas Jefferson had "potatoes served in a French manner" at a White House dinner, which is pretty much the most bougie way to say, "My friend brought fries," that I've ever heard.

In 1856, legend has it that french fries made it into the cooking tome "Cookery For Maids of All Work," sealing their fate in the American kitchen.

Eventually they would become a menu mainstay at fast food restaurants, giving us all a way to shut the kids up for five minutes while we try to make it down the road. The only other food invention that has done as much for parents as the french fry, is the kid's meal with a toy.

Which Fry Did The Most People Wrongly Pick As The Best?

Of course, we have differing opinions on which fry is the best. If the church can have denominations that don't agree, what makes us think that fries can't be something to argue about?

According to a survey, the most popular version of the french fry is the "regular" kind. Think McDonald's. Curly comes in second, followed by steak cut.

I have a feeling that they asked toddlers, because only someone who can't tie their own shoes would say that steak cut fries are better than waffle cut. They simply aren't.

Bringing up the rear is wedges, but who cares about them anyway? You only get them because that's the only option.

Which ever way you like your fries, I hope you get an extra large order and take the time to savor them on this National French Fry Day.

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