Summer camps are a part of my memories. Getting out of the house and out of daycare to do something fun should be a part of every kid's summer memories. Learning a new skill or improving what you already know is essential.

If you are still looking for that special camp for your child you are not too late. I mean I know summer break is here and you may think you missed the boat, but you have not. If your kiddo is into sports, we have a place to look into this summer.

Is your kid into soccer? How about baseball? Do they just want to stay active and make new friends? There are plenty of opportunities. I just wouldn't wait. There are limited spaces but they are still available through Amarillo Parks and Recreation.

These Free Sports Summer Camps are available at Glenwood Park on South Roberts Street here in Amarillo.

There is even a Senior Social Camp for the adults in your life over fifty who want to make new friends.

Check out the list HERE and sign your kiddo up for some fun this summer.

Free Summer Camps Through Amarillo Parks and Recreation

  • Amarillo Afternoon Adventure
  • Baseball Camp
  • Basketball Camp
  • Centered in Nature
  • Fit & Play Camp
  • Football Camp
  • Soccer Camp
  • Senior Socials

Most of the camps are three days a week so plenty of time to learn and make friends. Make this summer the best one ever. Make those summer memories without even having to worry about spending any money.

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