Oh, Amarillo we love our beer. We love all kinds of beer. We like just the regular light beers. We like our fancy beers too. I would say I have never met a beer I didn't like. I mean that too.

When people ask what kind of beer I like, I am not lying when I say all of them. I am not picky when it comes to the beer I will consume. That makes me the perfect person to be adventurous and not afraid to try what a place offers.

Now I am hearing some talk about a new beer place about to hit Amarillo. My interest peaked right there. Even better when I hear it's a couple of local guys that are starting this up. They are hoping to have it open by April. Oh, that is good beer-drinking time for sure just as we are heading in and getting closer to summer. Yes, please.

The place is called Old Tascosa Brewing Company. It's a brewery and a taphouse. They will be located on the Route 66 Historic District - 3100 6th Ave. So of course this will be a place you will want to try out.

They are excited to show off what they have been working on for years. Ready to serve us some of the finest beers. They even have a video out there to show off their dream.

They have hit some snags. As most new places do. So they are looking for a little help to get them over that last hump and then need to get open. They are really close though. So they have reached out for one final push to get them to where they can open their doors in April as they have planned.

So let's root for this new place. Heck, it may become an old favorite to grab a cold beer soon. It does have that potential.

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