The NFL playoffs are finally here!

14 teams will duke it out for their shot at a Super Bowl title.

If you're a fan of one of these teams, you're undoubtedly already making your plans for the weekend.

Some will plan a gathering at their house so they have all their closest friends together as they make the march to greatness.

Then there are those who like to go out for the game. This is the category I fall in. I'm all about being at home for those regular season games, just kicking back enjoying it in the comfort of my own home.

But when the playoffs come, there's just something about being around a bunch of people yelling and screaming at a tv. It doesn't matter if it's my team they're rooting for or not. The atmosphere just adds to the excitement of the game.

So with my Niners making the playoffs yesterday (yes, to take on your Cowboys), I started looking around online for a bar to go to that's full of Niners fans.

See, in a lot of places there are bars that will associate themselves with a particular team and call themselves "the official bar of XYZ fans". I love places like that. A room full of rabid Niners fans during the playoffs? There's no better place to be.

Then the disappointment Niners bar in Amarillo. In fact, there's not a bar in sight for ANY team outside of the Cowboys. Even then, they don't bill themselves as "the Cowboys bar". It's just "the best place to watch football". There's a LOT of those places it seems.

So what's the deal? Why aren't there places that are dedicated to particular teams? Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with going into enemy territory to watch a game, which I know is exactly what I'm gonna have to do for this game. So now my quest becomes finding the perfect place to go for the game. Let's take a look at our options.

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The newly opened bar off Soncy seems like a reasonable place. TONS of televisions around the joint, so no matter where I'm at I can see one clearly. They've got cold beer, good food and pretty nice scenery. All great things in my mind.

However, the place just opened and is the hottest restaurant/bar anywhere in the city. There's no guarantee I'm getting a table unless I'm waiting outside in line at 9am for a 3:30pm game. If I decide on this, it's Bloody Mary's in the morning and pacing myself for a long day.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Let's head up the street to keep looking. Not far down the road from Twin Peaks on Soncy is J's Bar & Grill. Now I haven't personally been yet, but I've heard nothing but great things. A patio outside for some pregame festivities (54 and sunny as of the writing of this article), then head inside for some more beers and plenty of tv's.

The deals on drinks and food are PERFECT for someone like me. $10 buckets of Michelob Ultra and Dos Equis, $7.99 medium pizzas and $1 kids meals? Yeah, it's gonna be really hard to top this.

Ryan Kramer
Ryan Kramer


Also located on Soncy, here's a place I HAVE been to. I can say with certainty that the bar area here has more than enough tv's and drinks to enjoy the game. One of the sleeker looking bar areas I've seen in Amarillo gives of a nice vibe while the Niners beat up the Cowboys (sorry, had to get it in there somewhere).

Food with a Cajun vibe and co-owned by football royalty in Drew Brees, you know this place was setup for playoff football.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Our first entry for a place NOT on Soncy, Texas Firehouse on Coulter is a great option. I went to dinner here about a month ago or so and came away pretty impressed with the joint. They have the best cheesesteak I've found in Amarillo so far, big win right there. Also, their beer menu is pretty amazing. So many good ones on tap it's hard to choose.

Their bar has an awful lot of tv's in it, and the lighting is awesome. Nice and relatively dark which is exactly how I like it.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Located on Hillside, the name of this place may be the best one for me. I mean, I'll probably be the only Niners fan in a sea of Cowboys fans so this perfectly describes me.

With a solid looking food menu, plenty of liquor and beer to consume and $18.99 mimosa tubes, you're set for a long day of football watching. I mean come on, mimosas in the morning and beer in the afternoon? Sounds like a win-win for even the causal ladies who tagalong to support their mans fandom.

There's a look at just a few of the great bars in Amarillo to catch the playoffs this year. No doubt I'll be at one of them on Sunday, I just have to figure out which one.

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