One of the most exciting things for the kids when they go back to school is showing off their new haircut or fresh clothes.

Unfortunately, there's one school district that has taken a lot of the fun out of going back.

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Parents (and students) are up in arms after Panhandle ISD introduced a dress code was introduced for the school year that seems a bit, well, extreme if you ask me.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Let me get this right. Literally, the hottest hairstyles for the kids right now are NOT allowed. Mullets, rat tails, shaved designs, "unnatural" hair color. Seriously?

There's also a rule about how long a boy's hair can be. Look at this.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Collar length, no more. My oldest son recently got his hair cut, but prior to that, it was down to the top of his shoulders. He would've been devastated. However, is Panhandle ISD going by the book? Or are they altering as they go on this rule?

attachment-Handbook incorrect

Notice this parent stating that they put their son's hair up so it wouldn't be past collar length, and they were told that wasn't going to work. I mean, as long as it's up, it's not past the collar right?

Here's my thing. The dress code is in place for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that it can distract other students from learning. I can understand certain articles of clothing being worn being distracting to other students.

My question is how does someone's mullet distract them from learning what's being taught in the classroom? What do some purple or pink color streaks in one's hair do to throw off the learning? I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea how those things would distract others from learning.

If you ask me, I think someone just wants to throw their power around a bit. These have to be some of the most ridiculous dress code standards I've ever seen at a school. Who's to blame here?

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