There is no secret that if you have a mugshot it is not your proudest moment. Not for you, and not for your family. Oh, and in the days of the internet and social media, a mugshot is forever. Right?

So I feel like some people really try to go out and try to make the mugshot good. How is that possible? So, for whatever reason I see a lot of them where the person is smiling. Smiling? Why? What is there to be happy about?

Some people try to look all tough. I mean they want that street cred, I guess. I mean if it is going to be out there they might as well try to look cool. Is that what they are thinking? Maybe.

Then there are the ones that look upset. The reality has sunk in. They know that not only will everyone see this mugshot, thanks a lot social media. They also know that they have a lot of lawyer's fees and fines to pay. The financial hit this decision has cost them, along with their freedom. There is a lot of regret in some of these mugshots.

The main goal in life is to make it through without ever having to take part in the fun that is getting a mugshot. I mean that is the dream your parents have for you. It saves them a lot of embarrassment.

It seems that some people figure to go big or go home.  You probably should have just gone home. The interesting and entertaining mugshots don't just all belong to Amariilo, Hutchinson County or Gray County.

Lubbock wanted to join the fun too.

Lubbock Has Some Great Mugshots Too

mugshots from Lubbock County

Gray County Has Happy Law Breakers Too


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