I have no musical ability at all. Really. I don't. In elementary school, I had to learn to play the recorder. I feel like we all had to do that. I was ok with that. I am sure I still annoyed my family.

Then when I moved here in seventh grade I had to pick either choir or band. I really didn't want to do either one. Again, I know my limits and I knew I would be bad at either one. So I ended up picking choir. Really because I wouldn't have to go out and buy an instrument. I knew my family couldn't afford one.  So I blessed the choir teacher and classmates with my awful singing voice.

I really did wish that I was better at either. The kids with talent had fun. All my friends in band ended up on neat trips that I never got to do. My lack of musical talent but my love of music landed me in radio at least.

Canyon Had a Great Weekend in Competition

I watched as a lot of my friends last weekend had their kids competing in area for band competition. I thought this was neat so I kept an eye on it.

It was great watching where Canyon schools not only all placed and are heading to state but they swept the competition. It was great to see.

So now they are all heading to State:

The new West Plains finished 1st in area. Randall High finished 2nd. Oh, and my alma mater, Canyon High finished 3rd. That is a great showing.

Before they head to state they are all coming together to put on a great show for everyone. Another chance to practice in front of a crowd. This would be great to go out and support them on Monday.

This should be pretty cool to see and they would love all of the communities support.

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