Ever since COVID took over the planet, one common theme we've seen is local small businesses here in Amarillo closing their doors.

We've detailed all the different businesses that have closed over the past couple of years here in Amarillo, but there's one business that announced it was closing back in February of 2020.

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One problem...it never closed.

Judy's Card Cottage opened back in 1981, so they've been a part of the fabric of Amarillo for a long time. However, it was 2020 when they announced the doors were closing and everything started going on sale and clearance.

Here's the strange thing. They never closed the doors permanently.

Judy's is still open to this day, selling all the different types of cards, stationery, and party supplies you could need. Want proof they're still open? Check out their Facebook page here where they were just advertising for Super Bowl Sunday.

So how is it that a business announces they're closing, puts up the signs, marks everything in the store down...and stays open? Not to mention the fact that signs are supposedly still up at the location announcing their closing.

Three years later, we're still able to go in and buy whatever we need from Judy's. Are they actually ever going to close? It sure doesn't look like it.

We all know that when we see signs outside a store that they're going out of business, we have a tendency to go in and check it out. I mean, we're always looking for a good deal on stuff right? Maybe they're using the signs as a tactic to draw business in, who knows?

It's not a new tactic. I've seen quite a few stores in my lifetime that post they're going out of business with signs everywhere, but they actually have no intention of shutting the doors. I'm not saying that's what is happening with Judy's, but it does make you wonder doesn't it?

For now, feel free to head on over and grab whatever you need. They're on Coulter and the doors open at 9 am.

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