Henry "Hank" Skinner was sentenced to die. Yet again. His next execution was soon approaching. He was scheduled to be executed on September 13th. That was the date that the families of his three victims were hoping to finally get some closure.

That date that they were hoping to get here came sooner than they imagined. Skinner was convicted back in 1995 for the murders of three adults in Pampa. He murdered his live-in girlfriend Twila Busby. He choked her and beat her with a wooden ax.

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That was not the end of it. He also stabbed her two adult sons, Randolph Busby and Elwin Caler using a kitchen knife. Those three murders left him on death row.

Now he always has claimed he was innocent.  He says a mixture of codeine and vodka kept him passed out and on the couch. He claims more DNA testing would have cleared him but that never happened.

Hank Skinner's Execution is Never Going to Happen

Seven months before this execution date found Skinner died due to natural causes at Hospital Galveston on Thursday. He died because of complications from surgery in December to remove a brain tumor. The good part of this is that this part of the story is over. There will be no worries about him getting another last-minute stay of execution.

He has already seen five execution dates come and go. He also has eaten a "final meal" that wasn't really his final meal.

There will be no more worry about him having any more execution dates. The family won't have to travel for the execution. They also don't get the chance to watch his punishment play out. They also will not get to hear his final words. Would he finally admit and apologize for the murders? Will he have remorse? This is something that will never have an ending to either.

I just hope that with his passing the family does find some peace. They are the ones who have suffered the most throughout all of this.

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