The rabies saga in Borger continues. News came out today about an investigation into a dog bite that wound up leading to a rabid skunk.

If I have learned anything from the news regarding rabies and skunks in Borger, it's that this is a problem that doesn't have an immediate fix.

According to the reports, the dog was bitten by a skunk and then the dog bit a human. The skunk was found, and its head was sent in for testing.

That test came back positive for rabies.

The reports state that "precautions are being taken to ensure the victim's safety."

As always there are things to do to help protect yourself and your pets.

Pay Attention

This one is the most painfully obvious, but can't be stated enough. Pay close attention to your pets and your surroundings.

Vaccinate Your Pets

Be sure your pets and animals are up-to-date on vaccinations.

Report Suspicious Animal Behavior

This goes back to paying attention. Keep a close eye on your animals and pets. Also keep an eye out for animals in your area that are acting suspicious. If you notice anything suspicious, contact authorities.

You can see an announcement from the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office on Facebook below.

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