With the falling temperatures we've experienced recently, we're reminded it's no longer summer.

The change in seasons brings on the elements we love to love...and love to hate.

The wind has been wicked, rain will fall and snow is right around the corner. When you're waiting for public transit in those conditions though, it's less than enjoyable.

Thanks to Amarillo City Transit, your wait for that bus will be a bit nicer as the elements come in.

ACT is going to be installing seven new bus shelters along it's routes. This is welcome news to those who rely on public transportation to get around town, especially when the conditions are less than optimal for standing outside waiting.

ACT Director Marita Wellage-Reiley says, "We are excited about the opportunity to improve the safety and accessibility of our services provided to our passengers."

While we agree that the seven planned to be built are a good start, it's just that, a start. Wellage-Reiley continued, "We are committed to improving access to all ACT locations and will seek funding opportunities to improve sidewalks and bus stop waiting areas."

The bus shelters will be an open-faced concept featuring solar-powered lighting, trash receptacles and bench seating. In order to fully protect customers from the elements, they will be constructed from perforated aluminum that will also allow for visibility.

Not all locations on ACT routes will get these new shelters, but the hope is that in time, all locations will have something like this installed at their stops.

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