We are proud of our state. Heck, whether you were born here or not you develop this Texas pride. Some of us have it at birth. The rest of us it becomes a part of us once we cross that state line and gain residency.

I mean why else would we be here, right? We are proud of the Don't Mess With Texas slogan. Even after all of these years we still find ourselves boasting about how we don't take kindly to people messing with us. Not at all.

We like to think that Texas is a pretty safe place to live. Don't mess with us and we won't mess with you. It's part of our southern pride and I guess the code we live by. When you think of safety you think you can't do much better than living in the great state of Texas.

That is true. Recently, a list of the safest places to live came out. So we had to check it out. How safe really is Texas. How did Texas do? We had three of the safest cities in the USA. What makes this better is that only Texas and California had three on the list.

That is six spots on the safest out of fifteen. That is saying a lot. Which Texas cities made it? Now the important thing to remember too is that these are bigger cities we are talking about. Each city on the list has over 300,000 in population.

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So that means a lot of cities were not even considered on this list. They just didn't have the population. So that is not saying that they are not safe. In fact, we probably would have a lot more on the list if that was not one of the qualifiers.

Which Texas Cities Are the Safest? (Over 300,000 Population)

  • Austin - On the list of fifteen Austin finished in the fifteenth place. Hey at least they were included. They are still pretty safe.
  • Arlington - They finished twelfth out of the fifteen.
  • El Paso - They finished highest on the list and finished at number 4.

Since El Paso finished pretty high up there you might wonder who finished number one. I feel this one is a little unfair. Honolulu, Hawaii finished at number one. Come on, it's Hawaii how could it be dangerous? Who is angry when they are in Hawaii?

You can see the whole list HERE.

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