I will admit in a former life  I spent a lot of my time going to the movies. I would take my daughter when she was growing up. We would seem to go every weekend to whatever kid movie was opening up that week. We would grab our popcorn. We had to be there before the previews, because, that is how we picked out the next must sees movies.

The movie theater was a big part of my life for several years. I will admit I stopped going so much when the quality of movies seemed to go down somewhat. At least to me, they did. I could only see so many superhero movies. For real. Then, of course, covid hurt the theaters tremendously.

But when we were going to the movies it seemed like we would always head to the UA  Amarillo Star on I-40 and Soncy (it had since been renamed the Regal). That was our place of choice. We spent so much time there. You name a popular movie and I can almost guarantee you that is where we would be watching.

So early yesterday I saw some posts being shared about it closing down. I thought this must be some of that fake news. I know they haven't been able to keep up with all the other luxuries that a lot of other theaters had but I thought still that couldn't be true.

Oh, but it is. According to their very own website, you have just today to go see a movie there if you want to relive the magic.

Regal UA Amarillo Star Website
Regal UA Amarillo Star Website

One more piece of Amarillo is saying goodbye. This one hurts me just a bit. An Amarillo Star will be losing its shine.

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