Who doesn't love Mario Kart? I mean the hours and hours you probably spent growing up playing. Now is your chance to show off those skills.

Now hear me out, you were probably told that all those hours were wasted playing games. If so you can actually go home with the top prize after winning Amarillo's Mario Kart Tournament.

Does this sound like a dream come true? For many it is. I mean how could that not be your ultimate goal? All you have to do is sign up. Oh, and it is open for anyone ages eight to ninety-nine.

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All the fun will be happening Friday, October 20th, at the Warford Activity Center - 1330 NW 18th. The excitement will be starting at 6 pm and you can put your money where your mouth is the registration is only ten dollars.

You can go in and register as an individual. Oh but if you have a friend who won't embarrass you then there is team play too. There is no better time than now to test your skills against other competitive players in our community.

Even if you don't win who can complain about a night of playing Mario Kart? There will be plenty of laughs and fun. You can still sign up but I would get that done now. The spots open will fill up.

Sign up HERE. When people ask about your weekend plans all you have to is let them know that you are going to win this tournament. You got this.

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