According to a new survey from dating site, love truly does conquer all — even money. But once singles are in a relationship, how do they handle the financial aspect of things? polled 1,600 of its users and found three-quarters of men and almost that many women would choose love over a high-paying job. In addition, over half of both genders thought a couple with different spending habits can have a healthy romantic relationship.

When it comes to how willing they were to pool their finances with a partner, though, many people were wary. Even among couples who are engaged, only a third of men were open to doing it. Women were more reluctant — just 14 percent said they’d combine their money.

And proving that maybe we’re all a little more traditional than we’d like to admit, 38 percent of women said men should be the primary breadwinners in the relationship, while just 15 percent of men said women should be the ones who bring home the bacon.

Here are a few more poll findings:

  • If asked by a partner to change their spending habits, men are more likely than women to agree to do so.
  • More than half of singles have changed their money habits since the economy took a dive.
  • Two out of three singles sometimes spend money on “something fun” for themselves.
  • Saving is a priority for both genders — 85 percent reported they stash money away for a rainy day.

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