The grass and structure fire reported in South Amarillo on Friday afternoon has been ruled an arson. Randall County Fire Marshall Troy Ducheneaux has concluded that the fire along McCormick Road and South Western was intentially set.

Credit: Randall County Sheriffs Department
Credit: Randall County Sheriffs Department

Witnesses told Randall County Deputies that 35 year old Ryan Matthew Cravy had been seen around a camper at the site throughout the day. Around 5:30 pm, Cravy returned to the fire scene and disregarded road barricades claiming he was a federal marshal. He was stopped by deputies and arrested for impersonating a public servant and disregarding a traffic control device. Cravy was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Further investigation and evidence gathered at the scene pointed to Ryan Cravy as the person who set the fire. He was then charged with arson. Evidence taken from the scene has been submitted for further lab analysis.

The fire burned roughly 45 acres and five vacant mobile homes were destroyed. Cravy is currently being held in the Randall County Jail in lieu of bonds totaling $115,500. $75,000 for Arson, $25,000 for Possession of a Controlled Substance of 1 gram to 4 grams, $15,000 for Impersonating a Public Servant, and $500 for Disregarding a Traffic Control Device.



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