Ok, so we literally just found out that Amarillo was inside the top 10 most dangerous cities in Texas, and a lot of that was due to the high rate of property crime within the city.

But there is literally nothing that could've prepared me for what I woke up to this morning. So many questions, but the biggest one has to be how in the world did someone pull this off and NO ONE noticed it happening?

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On Friday, the American Quarter Horse Association reported that there had been a theft at the building, and a whopping 16 bronze horse statues were missing. The unknown suspect forced his way into a building on the property where he drove his truck inside and stated loading it up with the statues.

So many questions here. I mean, what did he need with 16 bronze statues and what was he planning on doing with them? I mean, the second they started popping up for sale literally anywhere, they would've been noticed, so it couldn't be financially motivated unless he had some private buyer he duped.

All I know is we're taking this property crime thing a little too far at this point. I mean, if the AQHA isn't safe from people stealing things from them, then who is? We're gonna shoot right back up the list of dangerous cities if we don't put an end to the silly things people do.

Now here's the kicker...the suspect apparently also stole the truck he loaded the statues up in. How do we know this? Well a couple of things here. First, surveillance video. Secondly, the license plate on the missing truck is "AQHA2". So now the suspect has 16 bronze statues AND a truck that should be pretty easy to spot.

I mean, if you're going to steal some stuff, don't make yourself so obvious. It's almost like this person is ASKING to get caught. He can't exactly drive that truck around town, especially with such a recognizable license plate. Gotta love dumb crime.

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