Imagine you're just hanging out at home, when all of a sudden, police barge into your home and tell you and your family to get upstairs and stay there until they tell you to come out. Sounds like a fun day/night doesn't it?

Well, that's exactly what happened to a family in Houston, and the whole thing was a scary scene. Aside from that, it also left them without a home for the time being.

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So how does a family end up without a roof over their head because police barged in? Well, let's set the scene first.

A man barricaded himself inside a home and ended up in a standoff with police for hours. The man, Terran Green, had been accused of shooting a deputy during a traffic stop on August 17th and police were able to track him. The standoff lasted around five hours.

So how did they manage to apprehend Green? That's where it gets wild.

Deputies were able to determine the suspects location in the house, and they spared no expense trying to get to him. Harris County deputies brought in a machine called the Rook and completely ripped off an exterior wall to expose Green.

So what was the extent of the damage? I mean, they did tear off an entire wall. Take a look at this.

That's more than just an exterior wall. That whole house looks like a bomb went off inside it and blew it out from the inside.

So is this something you think could potentially happen in Amarillo? I mean, anything is possible right? It's opened a whole discussion about rights and laws, and understandably so. Were Harris County deputies in the right by doing what they did? We don't know yet, but I'm sure we'll find out.

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