In America, we have over 2 million military personnel, and that number doesn't include the nearly 800,000 civilians. Of that number, just shy of 1.3 million of those members are active. With Texas being such a large state, we are home to a lot of them.

Not only do many active military members call Texas home, so do a lot of veterans. In fact, Texas is home to the MOST military vets anywhere in the country.

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Whether that's those vets coming home, or those vets that have decided to go somewhere new after their service is unknown. There are a couple of interesting stats though when you begin to look at the breakdown of those vets living in Texas.

As of the end of 2022, Texas called a touch over 7,000 World War II vets as residents. That is an impressive stat considering World War II ended in 1945. It's obviously the war that has the least remaining vets living in the state.

The war with the most vets calling Texas home? Well, that belongs to the Gulf War obviously, seeing as how it was the most recent war we've been a part of.

The Gulf War is broken into two stages essentially. There's the period from when it first started back in August of 1990, with that period ending August of 2001. From that particular era of the war, there are nearly 403,000 veterans that reside in Texas.

The second part of the Gulf War is after September 2001, and that period has the most veterans who call Texas home. A bit over 485,000 veterans from that era call our great state home.

So what is the overall number of veterans living in Texas? How about 1.4 million of them. Yeah, there's a lot of vets here. With a number like that, there's a pretty good chance you know someone who served. That number has actually decreased quite a bit since 2012, 12.84% to be exact.

Sadly, I'm sure a big part of that decline is from veterans passing away. So next time you see a vet in Texas, thank them for their service, and treat them with that Texas kindness. After all, it's probably part of the reason they decided to call Texas home once their time was done.

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