When my daughter was born back in the 90s, I knew before I even got pregnant that her name was going to be Faith. I didn't look on the internet to find her name. That wasn't our first stop like it is now. Back then it was more about searching through books, talking to friends, or getting a name from a popular television show.

Did Most Baby Names Come from Soap Operas Back in the Day?

Apparently, in my family, soap operas lead the way. Not for me as much as other family members. My sister was the first to have a child. She named her daughter Hope after Days of Our Lives Hope and Bo. That is where my daughter's name started. Why?

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I wanted a girl too that grew up close to her cousin. So I knew that when I had a child I wanted her to be named Faith. That is it. End of story. I wanted Hope and Faith to grow up close.

So I was born in the seventies. I wanted to know where my name came from. What were the most popular baby names in the seventies? There sure aren't a lot of Melissa's being born these days.

Again the soap operas strike again. This time it was Another World. When I asked my mom who I was named after and it was a character named Melissa (Missy) Palmer. Don't call me Missy though. I went home one day from kindergarten and proclaimed I'm a big girl now. Don't call me Missy. I am Melissa. My soap opera attitude shined through.

So back in the seventies when I was born what were the most popular baby names in Texas? Did Melissa even make the list? Which other names were on the list that you may or may not see so many people being born with these names now?

For the boys, the top five were: Michael, James, David, John and Robert. Yes, I grew up with a lot of boys with those names.

The top five girls' names were: Jennifer, Lisa, Kimberly, Maria and Melissa.

So my name did make the top five. Maybe there were a lot more Another World fans than just my mom. Maybe that is why the name became popular enough to make the top five.

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