Lately, I've received several emails asking if we had any updates on Buc-ee's being built here in Amarillo.

Well, I finally have SOME kind of update, but it may not be the update you're looking for, unfortunately. That said, it is definitely a very interesting development.

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The legal battle over a strip of concrete is what has been holding up the sale to Buc-ee's to start building. No, I'm serious. Long story short, Attebury Farms LLC owns the land Buc-ee's wants to buy. Right now, it's on an easement to SpeedCo, which owns Love's Travel Stops. There's language in the easement that allows SpeedCo to hold the land if they did something with it. They're claiming they did, Attebury is saying it wasn't done on time. You can catch up on the entire saga of that here.

While all of that is going on, Buc-ee's looks like they're about to have some competition before they even start building.

A sign just went up on the north side of I-40 and South Pullman Road, only about a mile away from the proposed Buc-ee's location for another huge travel stop. Road Ranger is about to enter the Amarillo market.

So what exactly is Road Ranger? It's the 4th largest travel center in the United States. They've got 44 locations currently, and the group said, "if Bucc-ee's is McDonald's, Road Ranger is Burger King."

The Amarillo location will have a Church's Chicken and Dickey's BBQ at its location, along with a myriad of other travel stop perks such as a dog park and recharge station for electric vehicles.

Now the question is, will Buc-ee's ever end up getting built? With this size of a travel center opening up right down the road, could it change their tune on fighting for the spot? Good job by Road Ranger for swooping in, but I'm hoping this doesn't change plans for a Buc-ee's here. Stay tuned, we'll update again when we have more.

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