Just a couple of days ago, we had mentioned that there was a land dispute that was holding up the Buc-ee's purchase of land on I-40 and Airport Blvd.

Now we've already got an update as to what is holding everything up.

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The land that is currently owned by SpeedCo, owner of Love's Travel Stops among other entities, has actually changed hands numerous different times according to court documents. The land which we initially thought was purchased back in 2019 actually dates all the way back to 1997.

In January of 97, there was what is called an easement agreement made between Attebury Farm Partnership and Michael C. Hughes, the owner of SpeedCo, for the land that the SpeedCo business currently resides.

An easement agreement is the right to use someone else's land for public or private purposes.

After that agreement was made, that's when the land started changing hands numerous times. Ultimately, it finally landed in the hands of SpeedCo in December of 1998. According to the easement agreement, the grantee, SpeedCo, had to complete pavement and curbing on the easement to the liking of the city. If it had not been done within 18 months of the easement agreement, it would be void and would revert back to Attebury.

As of right now, the easement is just a paved road off of Juett Attebury Rd. and it goes to the back of the SpeedCo business. This has allowed trucks to exit the business and decide which direction on I-40 they'd like to go.

Fast forward a bit here to September 2021, Attebury reached out and asked for a relocation of the easement because of an "unspecified development".

SpeedCo however was unaware until February of this year that it was to make way to build a Buc-ee's in the area. It was at this time that SpeedCo stated they had no interest in relocating.

In April, Attebury stated that in July of 1998, the easement agreement was no longer in place because they didn't complete the pavement and curbing in the 18 month time period allotted. Now they want to revoke the use of the land using this as the basis.

So now we have a little more context as to what's going on with the land, and why Buc-ees is held up in being able to purchase the land to build. Only time will tell when, or if, we're finally going to get that Buc-ee's.

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